Waverley Park is a great wee community. We think it could be even better.

Liveable Streets

  • What’s this about?

    For years, local residents have said that Waverley Park is a great place to live, but have been concerned about the impact of traffic on the local community. Previous attempts to tackle the issue have unfortunately not succeeded.

    A few years ago, a group of concerned local residents got together and formed a volunteer group called the Waverley Park Collective to try and sort things out.

  • What is the Waverley Park Collective?

    Waverley Park Collective is a group of volunteer local residents, all of whom live in Waverley Park, whose aim is to help make Waverley Park an even better place for people of all ages to live, learn and move.

    Waverley Park Collective is simply residents working together to improve the community. They are a constituted group. Anyone can join and progress an activity in line with the aim. Over the last couple of years, dozens of residents have been involved in organising activities like the Play Out, Waverley Weekend, Wicked Windows, Advent Windows, cycling training and lane clean ups. Being a constituted group allows the Collective to apply for funding, such as for this project.

    You can find more information about the Collective, what it does, how to join, and its constitution on their website at waverleyparkcollective.org.

    The Collective has spent over 6 years documenting residents’ concerns about through traffic and making the case for action. You can read more on the Collective’s website here.

    In 2020, the Collective submitted a bid for funding to Sustrans for Scottish Government funding to appoint a specialist design team to work with the local community as a whole to decide how to improve local streets. The bid was successful.

    Following an open and transparent process inviting bids from a number of teams, the Collective appointed a design team in late 2020 to take forward the design work with the local community. The team is led by a firm called Civic Engineers.

  • What is a “design team”?

    The design team that Civic Engineers have put together for this particular project includes experienced specialists in civil engineering, landscape architecture, transport and urban planning, and community consultation.

    Their job is to work with the local community to produce a ‘concept design’ during the first half of 2021: basically an outline proposal of what needs to happen to address the challenges of traffic in Waverley Park.

  • How will the local community be involved?

    The design team is running three stages of community consultation during the first half of 2021, with opportunities for comment at each stage:

    1. Gathering people’s experiences and individual ideas (mid February to early March)
    2. Sharing a summary of people’s responses to stage 1 of the consultation, and sharing initial design options for comment (April)
    3. Sharing a summary of people’s responses to stage 2 of the consultation, and sharing a ‘concept design’ proposal for comment (late Spring/early Summer)

    Lockdown means that members of the design team aren’t able to get out and about to talk to people as they would like, so a special consultation website has been set up for the project: www.waverleyparkstreets.com We’ll be updating that website as we move through the three stages. If you wish, you can sign up for email updates here.

    The three consultation stages are open for everyone to have their say and help guide the project from a blank sheet of paper at the start to the ‘concept design’.

  • But hasn’t the design team already decided what to do?

    Definitely not! This is a community-led project, and will be guided by responses from the local community in the three consultation stages described above.

    The first consultation stage took place in February and early March, simply asking local people (mostly online) about their experiences of, and ideas for, streets and spaces. The design team deliberately did not put forward any proposals forward. They wanted to start without any preconceived ideas, so that they could respond to the community’s suggestions.

    That first stage of online consultation was deliberately designed so that everyone could see each other’s contributions, made anonymously if folk wish, because that’s a useful way for everyone to understand each other’s perspectives. The design team’s intention from the outset has been to be open and transparent. You’ll be able to judge and comment for yourself, over the project as a whole, if the team has succeeded in that.

    If you look through what people contributed in the first stage on the expriences and ideas pages on this website, you’ll see that fixing traffic issues is clearly a priority for most people. That will therefore guide the design team’s work on design options that will be shared in the second stage of consultation in April.

    You’ll also see that there a wide range of views were put forward on what should happen - if anything - to spaces like the green triangle at the end of Dinmont Road, dead ends and lanes. If you live near any of those spaces and are concerned, please be assured that the design team has no intention of drawing up proposals which will make your lives worse. You will be able to check, judge and comment for yourselves during the second stage of consultation in April.

  • When will the work happen on the ground?

    Once the ‘concept design’ is finished in Summer 2021, responsibility will pass back from the design team to the volunteers in the Waverley Park Collective, to secure funding to implement the proposals over the next couple of years. To do that, they will work closely with Glasgow City Council and Sustrans.

  • Who’s paying for this work?

    The design team’s work on community consultation and preparation of a ‘concept design’ in the first half of 2021 is funded entirely by Sustrans with Scottish Government funding. More detailed design work and construction after that point is yet to be confirmed.

Don’t forget to sign up for email updates. Then you’ll be automatically notified of important stages in the project, like when draft designs are published for your feedback.

Any Questions?

Please contact Nick Wright by phone 07900 334110, or email nick@nickwrightplanning.co.uk.

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