Project update 15 February 2022

Since our last update in October 2021, we've been working out how to take the project forward in line with:

  • The approach we shared in our last update - in essence, providing the local community with more evidence and data so they can make informed decisions, and focus on agreeing objectives (for example, tackling vehicle speeds and volume of traffic) rather than how to deal with them (for example, speed bumps or road narrowings).  
  • Helpful advice on community engagement from the Advisory Group (as summarised in our last two updates in Latest News).
  • Our need to ensure that the project funders Sustrans and the roads authority Glasgow City Council are content with this approach.

There’s more detail on those three points in our last update.

We are now planning two elements of work.  

1. Surveys and audits

Firstly, we are commissioning a number of surveys and audits in order to generate additional evidence and data, as suggested by members of the Advisory Group.  That survey work will include:

  • Traffic and parking patterns (including parking surveys in Waverley Park, and numbers and routes of vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and mobility aids in the wider area up to Minard Road).
  • Random on-street surveys: talking to people moving through the area to understand how people get around, what are the busiest times for people to be out, and where they are going.
  • Disability audit of what it's like to move around the area for people with different kinds of impairments.
  • Youth audit to understand how school pupils move around the area. 

We anticipate that most of this survey work will take place during February and March, using experienced expert contractors for the first three surveys and through local schools for the youth audit.  

The surveys are intended to gather a bank of useful information which will be shared publicly, together with the views and suggestions from local people during our two rounds of online consultation last year.   

2. Community engagement

Once the survey and audit work has been completed, our intention is to share it publicly for information and discussion.  We will be working through the details of how to do this over the next few weeks, and will share them on the Updates page.

What we are considering reflects suggestions made by Advisory Group members last year:

  • An online Infobank on this website, containing all of the information gathered through from the surveys and audits plus outputs from the two phases of community consultation held early last year.  Information would be presented in full and summary formats.
  • An in-person Drop-in Day on a Saturday in late Spring or early Summer, with a range of activities including a display of the Infobank material, members of the team on hand to answer questions, regular group discussions throughout the day, and other activities to gather people's thoughts about project objectives (rather than solutions). The event would be publicised through door-to-door leafleting, posters, online and so on.

That’s all for now, but keep an eye on the Updates page for more news in a few weeks' time.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.