Update 31 March 2021

The design team is busy analysing all the responses to our first round of consultation in February and March, and preparing design options for the second round of consultation.

Thank you to everyone who responded with their experiences and
ideas in February and March.  With over 650 separate people visiting the consultation website and making 550 contributions, it was a huge response considering the population of Waverley Park is around 1,100 people!

We’re using that wealth of detailed information to prepare design options.  Fixing traffic issues is clearly a priority, so that is our focus.

The next stage of consultation is scheduled to start in mid April, here on this website using images and video.  We’ll explain how the design options came about, and we’ll ask you for specific feedback on each option. That will steer us towards a single proposal, which we’ll share with you in early summer for comment.

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