Update 24 May 2021

Consultation on three design options now live until Monday 14 June 2021! 

The experiences and ideas contributed by hundreds of local folk during the first consultation in February and March 2021 have helped the design team to prepare initial design options

Fixing traffic issues was clearly a priority for many people, so that has been our focus.  But we haven’t forgotten other things that people suggested like being able to cross the road safely, more greenery and safe play opportunities - without disrupting nearby residents, of course.

Check out those initial design options and tell us what you think.  To help inform your response, you’ll see an overview of what people said in the first round of consultation. Don’t forget you can see all of your original comments on the experiences and ideas pages.

Your feedback on these initial options will help us work up a single proposal in more detail, which could combine elements of different options depending on what you say.  We’ll then share that single proposal with you in early summer for comment.  It will still be a suggestion for comment at that point, not fixed.  If you want to be notified automatically when that goes live, please signup for email updates.