Second round of consultation now closed

Thanks to over 200 folk who took the time to view and comment on the design options, the second stage of consultation, over the 4 weeks between 24 May and 21 June 2021.  We really appreciate your time and effort.

We are now collating all the responses.  Over the coming weeks we will:

  • Publish a report of all responses (only redacting any information which is confidential or offensive).  
  • Review the next stages of consultation, to see whether the process described on the Find out more page remains the most appropriate way forward.
  • Study all responses to help develop design proposals, as explained on the Find out more page.  Obviously we don't know what those proposals will be yet, because we haven't yet studied people's responses.

Although we have not started to analyse the responses at the time of writing this update, it is a good moment to remind ourselves of a few basic points.

From the first round of consultation, it is clear that there are many different points of view about what is best for Waverley Park.   If it turns out that change is ultimately proposed, the range of different views expressed in that first round of consultation means it won't be everyone's preferred choice - and folk who don't want change would of course be disappointed.   If it turns out that there is no change, those who do want change will be disappointed. 

The second round of consultation focussed on different ways of managing traffic whilst also tackling other community aspirations and government agendas.  As we made very clear on the website and leaflets, it wasn’t a vote, and there is no preferred design.  The second round of consultation was designed to seek your feedback to steer the next phase of the project, where we will look at more detailed design issues.  We asked for your feedback using a combination of sliders and open questions - so folk could use either or both as they wished. 

The intention was to be simple enough to engage as many ages and interests as possible, whilst also enabling those who wished to provide more detailed responses to do so.  The purpose was to ask simple and engaging questions whilst also gathering useful and meaningful input to the design process so we can move towards some consensus, difficult though that might be.  The aim was not to make any decisions or count support for or against the project, but to inform the design process.

We’ll be going through all the results now that the consultation has closed, and then publishing as full a report as we can without revealing any personal details or identities.  That'll take a little bit of time due to holidays, so please bear with us.

At the same time, we’ll also be reviewing the engagement process going forward.  We don’t know what that will look like yet, as we want to go through all the responses first.  We will keep you posted.

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