Results of second round of consultation now available!

(For a subtitled video version of this news update with more background on the second round of consultation, please click on the YouTube link above.)

By way of a reminder, the consultation took place in May and June 2021. You can see the consultation materials on the Design Options page.  About 850 people visited that webpage during the 4 week consultation. 

We were delighted to get such a big response and, equally importantly, with the huge amount of useful and valuable input to the design process.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

When the consultation closed in June, we said we would do three things:

1. Publish a report of all responses, only redacting any information which is confidential or offensive.

That report is now available.  Please click here to see it.  You can see for yourself the wealth of useful input for the design process that local folk have contributed.  The report contains an overview of the consultation together with transcriptions of all responses (with very minor redactions as you can see).  

The purposes of the report are to be a record of consultation responses, in the spirit of openness and transparency, and to feed into the design process.  The report does not try to comment on or respond to what people have said. There will be opportunity for those discussions later in the process.

2. Review the next stages of consultation, to see whether the process described on the Find out more page of the consultation website remains the most appropriate way forward.  

As you can see in the consultation report, some people commented on the consultation process, including requests for greater transparency.  To respond to that, we would like to set up an advisory group, open to anyone who wishes to join, to help work out how best to undertake the next stages of consultation.  We will set a date for that group’s first meeting in the next few weeks, and will give plenty of notice publicly on this website and by email to the almost 200 folk who have signed up for updates on the consultation website and local organisations like the Community Council and schools.  

Anybody will be welcome to join that steering group.  If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact Nick Wright ( or 07900 334110). 

3. Study all responses to feed into developing more detailed designs, as explained on the Find out more page.  The design team has read all consultation responses (as you can too in the consultation report).  We have not started more detailed design work yet because we want to work out the next stages of consultation first, and of course we wish to set up the advisory group first to help do that - as explained under point 2 above.

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