Help shape how we work with you!

As we explained when we shared the results of the second round of consultation on 23 July 2021 (please click here for more information), we would like to set up an advisory group to help work out how best to undertake the next stages of consultation.
As you can see in the consultation report on the last round of consultation, some people asked for more transparency.  So, rather than the consultant team working out on our own how to consult and involve the community, we would like to involve the community. 
The aim is to make sure that future community engagement works for everyone in and around Waverley Park, to ensure that the long term direction of the project meets the priorities and interests of the wider community.  Please note that the advisory group is not intended to be a decision-making or representative body to make decisions on technical designs or other matters on behalf of the community. 
When will it start?
The first meeting will take place on Tuesday 28 September at 6pm on Zoom for about an hour.  
If you would like to join, please email me at I’ll then send you Zoom joining details nearer the time.  
If you’ve already emailed me and expressed interest, there’s no need to email again - I will be in touch.  And if you are interested but can’t make that date, please contact me.  
Who can join? 
Anybody from the local community who wishes to join is very welcome.  The focus is on local residents, whether you live within or near to Waverley Park.
We hope the group will be of interest to anybody who wishes to ensure that this project is community-led, putting aside their individual views on detailed proposals, with the aim of ensuring that the community as a whole is able to shape the proposals (or no proposals if that is the will of the community).
To be completely clear: the purpose of the group is to advise on community consultation and involvement.

What would I be signing up for?
Meetings would take place largely online at times which are convenient to most members.  The group will decide how often it meets and how it will operate; we’ll discuss these things in the first meeting.  The group might meet expect to meet 3-4 times over the next few months.  You can join as many or as few meetings as you want – it’s purely voluntary.
The group will not be a decision making or representative body, but an advisory group.  That means that you won’t be held responsible for any decisions and there will be no need for any voting.  It’s your knowledge and experience we would like to tap into, so we can best engage with your local community.

And finally…
If you would like to join on Tuesday 28 September or have any questions, please contact me on 07900 334110 or  Don’t forget you can find out more about the project as a whole by clicking here.