Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by anonymous on Mar 3, 2021

My experience of living on Ravenswood Drive for almost 10 years is that through traffic is a hazard to my children crossing the road. It's a hazard to me when I'm cycling. It's a hazard to my children when they're cycling. It stops me from letting my children out to explore and learn to move independently. It stops them making friends with neighbours' children. It means that I get shouted and sworn at on a weekly basis by aggressive drivers. I am scared when putting my children in the car and I literally have to stand in the middle of the road with my hand out to stop drivers (of all ages, gender and background) bombing past my ill wife as she accesses the car. The pollution and hazard associated with getting to school in the morning is unacceptable. Four of my neighbours' cars have been smashed by drivers in the last year alone. But this is not just a speed problem. Our street simply should not be a rat run. The surveys show there are 1,500 cars running up and down Ravenswood and Dinmont every day. If people on other streets had this outside their house they'd feel as I do. Residential streets (whether it's mine or anyone else's) simply should not have through traffic.


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