Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by anonymous on Mar 3, 2021

Seeing the car upturned on its roof was the final straw for me. Are we just waiting until someone gets killed? I was due in court last year as a witness to a traffic accident. A driver sped up Ravenswood at 3pm, kids everywhere and ploughed into a car that was exiting from Woodstock. The speed they were travelling at was ridiculous. I told them that they were speeding and pointed out there were kids everywhere. I was told by the driver they were going at 30mph. I told them it was a 20mph speed limit. They then told me they were going at 19mph. In reality they were likely travelling closer to 40mph. People who use Waverley Park as a rat run don’t care about the people that live here, they don’t care if we have children, they don’t care about adhering to the law, they don’t care that driving at 60mph at 2am wakes my children up. How does it make me feel? Angry. Really really really angry. I am sick fed up of it. How can I live on a residential street that has 100 times the daily traffic of another street in Waverley Park 30m away. How is that fair?


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