Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by anonymous on Mar 4, 2021

Thanks for organising this. It's a good way of getting suggestions.

I think the number one priority needs to be the volume and speed of traffic, particularly on Ravenswood and Dinmont as these are probably the main walking route to schools. I'd be interested in hearing more about ways to stop the through traffic and how it would work in practice, or the impact other measures would have.

I think second, I'd echo the comments about the lanes (and cul-de-sacs) being a great asset to WP. I think more could be done to tidy these up and make them more pleasant. I don't think we need formal play areas (although I'm not necessarily against this) but if the lanes were in a better state and the roads were quiet then kids could play in the lanes and cul-de-sacs if they wanted and have more freedom to roam safely in the area.

I've seen a few comments about teenagers and 'gangs', and I'm not a parent of teenagers myself I hasten to add, but I do feel they are often forgotten about. They are community members too, usually very valuable and responsible members, and they do have a right to play in and use our area too!


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