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Posted by Denise Malcolm on Mar 4, 2021

The speed and volume of traffic is an issue. That said, I was concerned to see images of the upturned car on Ravenswood Drive used on this forum - having arrived at the site of this accident seconds after it happened witnesses agreed that the car was not speeding, at least not in their estimation, but rather that it had appeared to drift as if the driver had taken unwell. Whatever the reason for the accident I am concerned about its use on this forum, not least as it might upset the person involved in the accident.

It is undeniable that speeding and volume of traffic can be an issue and do pose risks. On a number of occasions I have called 101 to report speeding. However, the closure of Ravenswood Drive would, I believe, simply move the problem to other streets in the Waverley Park area by pushing traffic past the primary and secondary schools and down Midlothian and St Ronan's. All of these would arguably increase risks to children, pedestrians and parked cars particularly taking into account the gradient of Midlothian and St Ronan's, the blind summits and the extremely tight, blind corner on St Ronan's.

Access to and from the area by residents in inclement weather can also often only be made via Ravenswood Drive.

The possible impact on local shops is also a factor that should be considered.

Some of the most effective traffic calming measures of sleeping policemen and chevrons, alongside other more creative and novel solutions require to be scoped. Requesting a visible police presence on a randomised basis on roads affected by speeding is known to have a significant positive impact on speed reduction. Any traffic calming measure would potentially be required on the 3 main streets that run down from Pollokshaws rd given concerns about "shift" in the problem.

Moving forwards, congnizance of the possible impact on all streets in the area and opinions from all residents in all streets needs to be taken into account. Given the profile of local residents door to door polls/questionnaires would, I suggest, be helpful in supplementing online means of capturing the views of all community members.


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