Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Alison Richmond on Mar 4, 2021

We have been residents of WP (Ravenswood) for 25 years. It is a great place to live, but there is no doubt the main issue to be resolved is traffic. It has always been an issue but has got worse over the years. I am fed up of the road outside our house being used as a rat run, making it noisy and dangerous and no doubt causing plenty of pollution too. Our car was damaged as recently as last month when a car reversed into it while trying to let another car past. If there is any money available for improvements it has to be spent on traffic calming. We must not get side tracked by suggestions of play areas etc which will only benefit some when reducing the traffic issues will benefit everyone. I totally understand that those who are not on the main streets affected by the rat run issues are concerned about displacing traffic. However that has been used as an excuse for too long to prevent anything from being done. This cannot be another lost opportunity.


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