Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by gerald santangeli on Mar 5, 2021

I am totally against any road closures within Waverley Park estate. It has been suggested the closure of Dinmount rd/ Durward ave would be an option amongst others. In my opinion this would delay access to any emergency vehicles to the estate and in my experience as a resident of over 30 years it is the only safe and flat exit/entrance in severe snow/ice weather. I feel the right way forward is to introduce speed bumps to the estate.

Street furniture has also been suggested. Residents within Waverley Park have adequate garden areas for social meetings and children play areas. I feel that wherever street furniture is located could result in unwanted disturbances for surrounding residents.

I do not see the need to upgrade the lanes, as there is already running within the estate neighbourhood improvement volunteers who work along with Glasgow City Council towards lane improvement, in which all residents can take part.


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