Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Mandy MacPherson on Mar 5, 2021

The last lockdown gave the residents of Ravenswood Drive, Durward Avenue and Dinmont Road a tantalising glimpse of what the rest of Waverley Park enjoy as a matter of course - quiet roads. The reduction in noise, disruption and pollution was marked. The volume and speed of traffic through these residential streets is unacceptable and should’ve been dealt with years ago. If this consultation process is truly giving us a chance for a safer, cleaner and better Waverley Park then it would be a crying shame to let it’s traffic issues go unaddressed, even if that means strategic road closures. Speed humps, in my view are not the answer. They would simply add to air and noise pollution and have a negative impact on residents parking. Whilst they may reduce speed there’s no evidence to suggest they would effectively reduce the volume of traffic using this area as a rat run.


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