Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Maureen Coyle on Mar 7, 2021

I have lived in Waverly Park for around 15 years and have always felt privileged to live in a very green area exceptionally close to local amenities in Shawlands and several large parks that are within walking distance. One of the great advantages is that, while we are exceptionally close to amenities, Waverly Park itself is a generally peaceful and tranquil place to live. There have only ever been two issues. Firstly, some cars- by no means all- drive fast on Ravenswood Drive. Secondly, particularly in the summer months, some kids congregate in the back lanes drinking, swearing, tossing bottles and rubbish into gardens and on occasion when challenged being very abusive. Providing seating whether on benches or swings could only make this worse. I am concerned that we are losing focus on the principal issue of speeding traffic. We live in a very green area, almost all of us with back and front gardens for kids to play in and neighbours to socialise in. The lanes are, I believe, partly owned by the residents who back onto them and should, along with the lovely old walls be preserved as much as possible. For years we have held ‘clean up days’ for our own lane and this has resulted in a much tidier environment.


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