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Posted by David and Sandra on Mar 7, 2021

Firstly, there is very little detail on the project itself. It would be interesting to know what are the relative roles of the Collective, the contractors, the council, sustrans and the Scottish Government. What are the amounts for funding of the different phases and how were the contractors chosen? How are decisions going to be made? Already the project has caused anger and anxiety.

We have lived on Ravenswood Drive for over thirty years and traffic has been a longstanding issue, both in terms of volume, and of speed. Problems include being able to get in and out of the car, or to help children out of the car, without streams of cars passing within inches, and drivers becoming aggressive if they feel held up. There are bottlenecks at both the top and bottom of Ravenswood during school times and rush hours, when it becomes difficult to even join the stream of traffic, or to exit the road.

On two occasions an ambulance collecting an ill, elderly, family member was unable to park near our gate due to the fast-moving traffic. The paramedics were shocked at the disregard of residents' needs shown. Additionally, cars drive at high speeds, far in excess of speed limits, both day and night.

Closing the road to through traffic, and making it access only, or a cycle path, should be a priority. Present health initiatives suggest children should be encouraged to walk more – one suggestion would be to have a scheme similar to one in Cardonald, where cars park at Morrisons carpark and walk to school from there. Perhaps this could be discussed with Crossmyloof?

Traffic lights and a crossing would be useful at the junction of Dinmont Road and Minard Road, in conjunction with a change of phasing of the lights at Titwood Road, to allow pedestrians to cross more easily.

Double parking on Moss-side Road when the school finishes, prevents pedestrians walking safely to the shops and post office, and creates particular difficulty when pushing a pram.


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