Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by David and Sandra on Mar 7, 2021

The lanes behind Midlothian, Kenilworth and Durward are already attractive, being grassed over, and this could be done in the lanes behind Ravenswood and Dinmont, allowing it to grass and with planting of wildflowers. The council should be lobbied to stop using weedkillers and insecticides – weeds are flowers too, and if people wish greenery, bees and birdsong, more must be left to nature, rather than filling every space with street furniture and play equipment. As evidenced in other posts, the lanes behind Dinmont and Ravenswood attract antisocial behaviour in the evenings and at night. The lanes could be closed off and residents could bring their bins to the corners as they do in the other streets.

Play parks
There is no requirement for a playpark of any type in Waverley Park. Children have played in the lanes and cul de sacs, without any equipment, for generations, using their own creativity and imagination. There are many excellent parks nearby, all with play areas.


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