Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by anonymous on Mar 7, 2021

We've lived on Ravenswood for 30 years. It's a great place to live.
Reasons we chose to live here included:
1. The option for children to walk to school, to shops and to friends' houses
2. Public transport links to the city centre.
Things change of course. 30 years ago there was less traffic. Fewer children were driven to school, fewer households had more than one car.
It's true that traffic has become a serious problem over the years.
Traffic noise has become much more intrusive too. We like to sleep with windows open but it's too noisy to do that now.

We've seen a few cycles of the road closure discussion and we still hold the same opinion.
Stop through traffic and Waverley Park will be safer and more pleasant for us all.
Closure at Dinmont Road and Durward Avenue would be our choice, but to be honest, any closure option is better than the current situation.
We've been walking a lot recently and note that road closures are very common in immediately neighbouring areas such as Pollokshields.
These have been in place for many years and there are no apparent problems.


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