Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by anonymous on Mar 7, 2021

I find walking with the buggy and my pre schooler (who is often cycling/scooting) can be terrifying. The junctions at both ends of Dinmont Road are particularly difficult because of the speed of the traffic. Dinmont/Moss side the worst. I often have no idea where the cars are going because they don't even bother to indicate. In my exasperation one day I threw my hands up as a car was speeding down Dinmont Road and I was trying to cross with the buggy and my pre schooler on a bike. The driver stopped and aggressively asked if I had a problem. I explained it was a 20mph street and he was speeding. He mimicked me and sped off. We've had other experiences of aggressive drivers on Dinmont Road including someone shouting at me as I got the children out of the car when my husband dropped us off infront of the house (there were no parking spaces and the weather was bad). There is an assumption by drivers that Dinmont Road is a main road and not a residential 20mph road. The street is full of children who live here and children who use it as a route to and from school. No matter how well children are supervised/taught about road safety it would only take a split second for there to be a tragedy on this street. The safety of children shouldn't be sacrificed because closing a road would be a minor inconvenience to people (emergency vehicles do not have to adhere to the same traffic rules).


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