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Posted by anonymous on Mar 8, 2021

I live on Peveril (of the Peak) Avenue. I only became aware of the project when the leaflet was delivered through the door. Thank you to the organisers. I think the intent of the project is great. From the other comments I see that the original intent was to address the traffic issue on Ravenswood. I would like to see this addressed but would be against road closures and would be pro speed bumps.

On the subject of the lanes. I think the original use was for the delivery of coal. There are a few examples on my street of gaps in the fence where I think coal scuttles were. I see the primary use of the lanes as access to the rear of the properties (I live in a terrace). There a couple of garages used for car storage regularly on my set of lanes. I'm unsure how closing off the lanes would work and still allow all the properties to have access. The surface of the lane at the steeper section does get boggy. To solve this I think some expert advice/information would be really useful. I am happy to continue with tidying the lane but I'm not sure what needs to be done to sort the drainage problem.

Greenery/Blocked drains. There are multiple blocked drains, that need to be professionally cleared. I think the drains are getting blocked regularly because of the volume of greenery that falls in the Autumn and isn't cleared. I try to keep gutter clear on Peveril and have been working on the leaves at (the heart of) Mid-Lothian Drive at the grit bin. I would be happy to participate in keeping the streets clearer (greenery and litter). I would propose a monthly tidy up by residents.

Fibre Optic Broadband - I looked up the Open Reach website that said that they were not intending to install full fibre optic broadband in our postcode. Currently we can only get FFTTC (Full Fibre to the Cabinet) I think if everyone in Waverley Park was to request this we would be pushed up the list and we would be a benefit to all.


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