Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Deirdre Hoyle on Feb 19, 2021

This is a lovely place to live. However, there are a few things we could do to improve our experience of moving around the area, and thus improve everyone's mental wellbeing. For example, our back lane, which borders the railway, was a horrible dog-toilet when we first moved here. Most people now clean up after their dogs, so we and some others have landscaped and planted the area and I would like to extend this, with people sharing plants and helping each other to tidy it up. Secondly, Moss-side Road and litter. I wish there was an easy answer to this one. Thirdly, the Over-and-Under bridge. An essential route, and the suggestion of a bike-rail would be fantastic; I'm getting a bit old to carry my bike, and the other routes are steep and scary. And, more street parties, especially in Durward, which could easily be closed off for a day. Cheers!


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