Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Lisa Macintyre on Feb 20, 2021

I love Waverley Park and have lived here my whole life (on two different streets!) I love the friendly, community feel offered by projects such as the Waverley Windows.

As someone who spent their childhood growing up in this area and who will bring up their own children here, I know how fantastic the streets and lanes are for playing in which is why I strongly oppose the idea of any swings parks. While this is a nice idea in theory, I think we should be mindful of the location of these and how they would impact immediate neighbours with issues linked to property value, noise, maintenance etc. No one bought their house in this area thinking that it would be next to a swing park. As someone who works with children everyday, I also have some concerns over the health and safety of this suggestion. In Waverley Park we are very lucky to live only a stones throw from two excellent parks already.

In addition to this, I echo the sentiments about taking ownership and responsibility over our own section of lane and pavement. This used to be the case meaning the lanes were a fantastic place to play but this has fallen away over the years. A lane policy relating to bins/leaving old furniture outside your garden gate etc. could potentially help with this. The lanes are predominantly where I walk my dog so this would certainly be an improvement for me.


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