Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by anonymous on Feb 24, 2021

This is a fabulous place to live. There is great community spirit with residents taking care of the area, their pavements, gardens, lanes and there is lots of visible evidence of neighbours balancing active travel and car use .
I would like to echo and support the views of some recent posters including Jim, Marjorie, Victoria and Lillian. I believe the focus and priority of any changes should be given to traffic management and general maintenance of the lanes and roads.
The many other things (on that difficult to read pin map) are distracting from the traffic issue. There are a number of suggestions so far that are divisive.
There seems to be a group pushing an agenda to change how shared spaces are used with little concern for the wider population of residents. This is evidenced by people suggesting the development of seating areas and play parks in the lanes, and in the spaces next to their neighbours houses. As a previous poster commented I too can’t understand why people who are making these suggestions don’t appear to care how this increase in noise and activity impacts on their neighbours ability to enjoy peace in their gardens? It reminds me of a day during lockdown whilst walking my dog when I nearly trippped over a guy sitting on the ground, in the lane carrying out a work Zoom meeting on his laptop!! I thought then, what a complete lack of self awareness and selfishness about the impact his loud conversation was having on his neighbours.
So I would not support increased activity and benches in lanes but wholeheartedly support the agenda to make roads throughout WP safer.


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