Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Lilian White on Feb 25, 2021

I have posted earlier about some comments mainly on roads. I am not a cyclist but thought that the suggestion of a bike ramp at the railway bridge would be helpful to cyclists of all ages and allow safer access to PP and might be relatively inexpensive. Also as we appear to have many budding artist wishing to display their talents and maybe the path at the railway would give them some exposure as it is pretty dire. Also, in relation to turning cul de sacs into community gardens, increasing planters or greenery I have suggested elsewhere about negotiating with the school re the neglected garden on Moss-Side Rd and note that this seems to be considered by many others. I don't know if the desire to extend gardening skills is from people who don't have a garden or from people who feel their own garden doesn't give them enough scope for their gardening interest but could I suggest that the gardening enthusiast form a volunteer group and offer help to our older residents who may be struggling to keep their own gardens to the standard they would like.


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