Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Lilian White on Feb 26, 2021

My neighbour has asked me to post the following on her behalf and it is typed verbatim.
My name is Helen ,I have lived in Ravenswood Drive since 1946 so have seen many changes. We had come out of a world war and were all glad just to be alive. There was no such thing as litter and all gardens were well kept. Dads and big brothers did the front ones. During the war all gates and railings were confiscated for the war effort so pivot hedges were planted and kept neat and tidy by dads, grandads and big brothers, back gardens were mums and kids domain. As rations were still on fruit and veg were the order of the day and all families shared their produce.
Nowadays, traffic impacts all our lives, noise and pollution. Ravenswood looks like a big car park. Our back lanes are a disgrace, we have tried to fill in holes and puddles. Our bins have to go out in these lanes so they can't be shut off.
It is really the Drive that gives me most concern (Ravenswood). cars and vans rush down as if they were on the motorway, music blaring all times day and night. As for children's play spaces, most children have back and front gardens and we are surrounded by parks, Queen's, Pollok, Newlands and Maxwell


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