Your Waverley Park Experience

Posted by Jackie Arnott-Raymond on Feb 28, 2021

We've been living on Ravenswood Drive for 25 years now and love the area. It's a special place and it's home. Over the years we've had intermittent problems with cars driving too fast up and down the street, and there's no doubt that traffic volume has increased over the years. While we would love to see traffic on our street decrease, we're concerned that by blocking access, we'll only shift the problem elsewhere. Traffic on our street will decrease but overall it will remain the same. It would be great if any activity we embarked upon would result in an overall decrease in car usage. Reducing pollution levels and making our streets safer for everyone. I think the schools could play a key role in this, as a lot of the traffic midweek is generated by the school run. And we'd like to see how reducing traffic here, feeds into a city-wide plan to reduce traffic. That said, we'd be very interested to look at plans and make an informed decision once we've seen them.


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