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I love hearing the birds singing in the morning when I step out the house or walk the lanes. It's so relaxing and joyous. Lockdown has reduced traffic levels so even on Ravenswood Drive, where traffic noise often drowns out the birds you could hea...

During the first lockdown in 2020 the overnight drop in traffic volumes gave a brief glimpse into how good, safe, quiet and properly residential the area actually could be if we are able eliminate the through traffic

Caught both a taxi driver and Wee Ned using the back lanes as a toilet. The taxi driver had the grave to do this in the cover of darkness. The ned thought 1 o’clock in the afternoon was perfectly reasonable (he was driving through the area but co...

Walking up to Shawlands high street is so easy and convenient. With the exception of the crossing at Pollokshaws/ Ravenswood. Sight lines, the speed of traffic and the five roads of movement make this incredibly difficult for older people and for...

In the summer I walk/cycle my daughter through Waverley Park to Pollok Park for outdoor nursery . I love that neighbours say hello and stop to talk, the gardens are beautiful and full of birds, it's great that we can go under the railway bridge an...

It’s great being able to access the parks and shops on foot from Waverley Park.. I love the way the back lanes link up across the railway at Shawlands Station and I can get to pollok park away from busy roads

The back lane to Dinmont Road would be so much nicer if the damage done by bin lorries was repaired. It’s a busy space for families & children on their way to/from school and it could be so much nicer & less precarious if the surface was levelled.

I love the lanes. They're an amazing resource for kids to play and to chat to neighbours. Could we connect then across the streets better, providing safe priority for crossing?

I love all the back lanes in Waverley Park.. they’re peaceful green spaces, full of wildlife ..

its lovely to sit in my garden on a summer evening enjoying the sunshine

We have put up for too long with the lanes bordering the school grounds being used as a firework launch pad each Autumn. There must surely be a way of turning the lanes into safe / clean play areas for children instead

Very high volumes of speeding traffic on Ravenswood Drive. With several young children it's pretty nerve wracking! Also the noise of speeding cars late into the night does disrupt sleep.

Parents park all over the corners and pavements to drop kids at school. It's got worse and worse over the past few years. It's a hugely anxious experience to cross the road safely with kids.

I can't let my 8 year old visit her friends independently because I can't let her cross the road alone. The levelof trucks, vans and rat-running is ridiculous in a residential area.

Traffic speed is terrifying on Ravenswood Drive. Aggressive, reckless drivers are the norm. This is by delivery drivers, commuters, parents, boy racers. At all times of day.

Going to Pollok park on my bike.